Friday, December 28


The sketch before the paint..
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Another Christmas ends..
Number two spent with the delectable Guy, long may they continue!
Somewhere along these last few months:
I seem to have become a really lax blogger.
I seem to have less stress.
I seem to be happy.

Things are quite relaxed at Chez Delboy's Daughter.
I'm doing a spot of art. Chilling out with the boyfriend. Playing a little online games.
Hope everyone else had as good a Christmas.

Wednesday, December 12

Are you Mary Clause?

Well done Travelodge.
They are offering any married couples with both a Mary and a Joseph as their names a free nights stay at their hotels from Christmas day through to the 12th day of Christmas.
Ho Ho Ho

Call off the hunt!

I'm not dead.
I am, like most people in blog world, just stupidly preoccupied with Christmas 'stuff'.
It's got to the point where I've buying presents for the kids, but am not exactly sure which one is for whom and how many any of them have got! There is just a very large pile in my celler. Luckily two of the little sproglettes are slightly interchangable as far as gifts are concerned. The eldest is just hard to buy for these days. Well hard on a budget anyway.
I was looking in Argos this morning for presents and also little one has a birthday party to attend this afternoon. Twin girly party. So i'm looking through the catalogue, trying to find something suitable for their birthday gifts, and I notice that there is hardly ANYTHING under a tenner these days.
What's that all about then?
I don't mean to be stingy or anything, but I confess I had wanted to spend close to a fiver on each of them, what with my own Christmas stuff to afford this month, but I struggled let me tell you.
I finally went with a special offer on Br@tz dolls, 2 for £15.
Got neck ache from peering down and the 'laminated book of dreams' as well.
I remember when Argos had 'pocket money presents' which I used to get for the kids ha! Now they have 'need HP for this present that's 2 inches tall' options.