Friday, January 25


Why do I still have this blog?
Why am I having an artistic block?
Why does 1 + 1 = 2?

Right time for an 'amusing' interlude.
(My life is on Interlude)

Tuesday, January 15


First clay sculpture
Originally uploaded by Delboy's Daughter.
Thursday is going to be an unusual day I think.
We have a local rag reporter coming into the college to do an interview with us on our up and coming art exhibition in Feb.
I'm simultaniously a little excited but also worried about what will get written. He could very possibly slate us.
Having said that, it's for something called the S@lford St@r which I've never heard of, so that helps.

Friday, January 11

A new star is born

I think I have found a new way for the internet to amuse me!
Now although this isn't exactly new, it's not something I've felt like participating in until now.
So here's my first YouTube broadcast starring my peeved pooch:

Thursday, January 10

Its all fun and games until someone loses an eye

I was disappointed with The Golden Compass. Now that might be heresy to some, but the book was so much better. I don't like it when films change things dramatically, like endings!
Ah well.
I'm still sensing a dramatic shift in my focus. Blogging seems to be taking less of a back seat and more of a completely different car these days.
I wave at it occasionally through the rear window of life.
This would be one of those waves.
I often forget it's there at all though. Faithfully behind me like an old memory, or a bit of a shabby pair of pants that I put on when I've not been up to date on the washing.
Blogging is pants then!