Tuesday, February 27

Golden Church

Golden Church
Originally uploaded by Beaverhuisen Lederhosen.
Tonights activities included this ink sketch.
I ache across my shoulders from sewing and drawing today.
Since I was up this morning so early.. I think it's time for me to lay this weary head and relax. Even though eldest has only just gone off. Cheeky little minx. Somehow I feel like I've not had any 'me' time when the kids stay up (accidentally) late of an evening. I like to do my own thang after 8pm. And am naturally winding down by 10pm. Perhaps i'm getting old? But seriously. 2 hours in the day to myself aint that much to ask for surely! Ah well. Thems the perks.
I think I'm coasting on some sort of adrenalin induced third wind. Second wind came and went around mid afternoon today after the 4am wake up call. I feel kinda twitchy.
And then of course theres.............zzzzzzzzzz

Monday, February 26

Pinch me.

I'm ill.
Oddly ill too. Maybe its the flu?
I have had a bitch of a cold for three weeks plus now, it's severity ranging from mild sniffles to nose encased in solid rock stasis. Today, I came home from the school run and semi collapsed on the couch. I fell asleep and woke up shivering, nauseous and weak two and a half hours later.
No college for me today. Well no daytime one anyway. I expect I'll have to go into evening class.

Despite feeling like a newborn kitten, I've spent hours trying to sort out council tax letters and bills. The woman at the council tax office was pleasent enough, and sympathised again, but unfortunately that's all she could do. Penalised for being an adult in education with children much? Grr.
Finally, after a gently worded help email to an old tutor at an old college of mine, I seem to be making headway. I'm to wait for another letter to be typed, signed and posted, but should it come and fulfil the council's requirements (a tall task), then I'll be entitled to a rebate back from May last year!
I can only hope, and hope I do.
You'd have thought I'd have lost all hope by now but I'm a glutton for punishment.

Thanks for all the responces to my pics request below. Keep em coming folks! This past week has been hectic (as are all my days lately in one way or the other) and i can't wait for some time to spend focused on the architecture brief.
Lordy, I had more to write.. but it's time to drag my arse to the school gates again. Time flies when you are wrestling with council members.

Friday, February 23

Calling All Budding Photographers !

Right, I have a problem with getting the chance to trek all over the place taking photos for my Architecture brief and have thought of something that would really work if anyone can be arsed to help me.

Could any of you lovely readers get snap happy when out and about?

I need interesting shots of anything to do with architecture and buildings. Anything. Doorways, ledges, brickwork etc. Even things that seem mundane or not worthy might be really useful for me. They don't have to be 'old' buildings. Although these are usually the ones that look good these days. Can be fire escapes, stairways, victorian tiling, anything.
Or perhaps you have already got a few pics that you took from somewhen yonks ago, sitting on your pc doing nothing? Well then let me me know and become my creative muses!
Maybe some buildings that have special meaning to you? I'm currently thinking about painting the church where my nan and grandad are buried and where my mum was married. Although it's a tiny church, St Mary's in Byfleet, and after hours of exhaustive searching I've only managed to come up with one vaguely good enough pic to use as a reference. Obviously since I'm now up north, and the church is in Byfleet down south, I have issues getting my own pics heh.
But it's an example of something that means more than just a piece of interest. And perhaps you guys have something similar?
But like I said, special feelings aren't crucial. Just an added bonus if you like. Just leave a comment underneath and I'll get back to you. Or perhaps you'd like to host it online so I can just get it from a link. Or email. Whatever dudes.

Anything I use as inspiration will be posted on here, or flickr with thanks to those who provided me with it. This project is running for only about another two to three weeks max, and I've got a whole sketchbook to fill and five paintings to paint!

Thanks in advance and with hope.

Monday, February 19

I should have gone to Finishing School.

What is the etiquette on shaving your legs for an internal with your doctor? I just dont know. I mean my trousers will be off, obviously. And three day stubble aint appealing for anybody. Woman or man.
If my doctor was a woman I'd still wonder, but probably not be as apprehensive about the whole thing. But he is a he. A lovely man, don't get me wrong. But is it right to shave? Should i neaten the er upper area? Not that it isn't or anything! But well..
I just couldn't work it out.
And by having a tidy up down below prior to such a meeting, am I in some awful way giving out a 'wrong' signal? But surely sporting a thatch is just rude for such a professional?
So the legs and hoohaa got 'done'.

God it's a pain in the patella being a woman I can tell ya.
Apparently I'm eroding. Yes you heard me. Eroding!
What the ???
Cervical erosions. They're not big and they're not clever.
You'd think I'd want to keep this private wouldn't you. But hell no.
This (apparently) is an extremely common problem for women on the Pill, but i've never heard of it. So i say speak out! Let the women know. It's linked to hormone imbalances see. So there.
Most women don't even realise they have it. As per usual.
Apparently it goes like this:
Where the cells change from being womb ones, to cervix ones naturally is a cross over area. A small one. Think of it like your mouth. Your cells there go from being gum, to lip happily. Same thing. Anyway, when you get an erosion, the area of cross over moves, and basically you wind up with womb on the cervix. To put it bluntly. Imagine the gum line moving so that it's exposed onto what should have been the lip area. It would become raw and 'upset' etc. Same thing.
I have to go see a gynacologist (can't spell that) at the hospital and have my cervix cauterised. Doc wasn't sure whether i'd be dealt with as an out patient or be admitted for a night.


To top this week off, I received a letter saying I'd been taken to court for my council tax and am liable for the money plus court costs. I didn't understand as I thought I'd paid it, and we realised after staring at the paper for awhile in puzzlement, that it was for my previous property. So even though i've been speaking to the Council on the phone many times because of issues with proving i'm in full time education and being entitled to be tax exempt, they'd not mentioned that i still owed this. I hadn't noticed that the addresses were different and assumed it had been paid and was for my current address.
Where am i meant to find a spare £280?!

I just remembered a dream I had last night. I dreamt I owned a Pentax camera P-something or other. I was playing with it, and getting used to it. Weird dream because I nearly bought an all singing all dancing one off ebay a few weeks ago. In the dream I suddenly realised that the camera I already had was this Pentax even though it was a completely different looking thing. I guess its all this photography that i'm looking at all the time.
Maybe it's a sign.

Saturday, February 17

She cannae take any more Cap'n

My boyfriend came to see me again Friday evening and has just left as he has a few things he has to sort out. But I would like to say that the new addition to his cheeks and chin was as lovely in reality as I'd imagined.

Wednesday, February 14

Excuse me a moment..

... but i've just seen my lover on his msn webcam (and yes I know we are meant to be together today, but we can't) and i just want to touch him. Yes in 'that' way, but more importantly because he has grown one of these:

And now strongly resembles a younger and darker version of this:

And OH i want to stroke him, throw him in a red and black boiler suit, and make him engage me all night long while I call for Number One!
Tonight we have officially known each other for a year. Not our 'got together' anniversary, but an important date. And special for a million reasons.
Happy Anniversary Babe.
I love you,

Tuesday, February 13

I am so....



Friday, February 9

Uncanny Horoscope..

Try to make sure you get some quality time to yourself today, dear Virgo. Your nature is one that thrives on intensity of thought, creativity, sexuality, and emotion. Without adequate time alone in a space that is comfortable for you, you may begin to feel worn out. Such things as irritability or withdrawal can be strong indicators that it's high time you got some time to be alone with yourself. Make some plans for this today

Another indicator is not blogging.
Sad but true! I've just had too much whizzing round my head. Can't see the wood for the trees. On a plus side though, I've found an artist i adore for my architecture brief. John Piper. So amazing. Another who's intensity I love is Egon Schiele.

The boyfriend is coming over tonight. I sometimes feel bad about having to dedicate so much of my energy to college work. Not for myself as such, I enjoy it on the whole, but for him. He's very patient with me. So often he's left to fend for himself as it were while i'm carrying on with something or other. There's something so relaxing and comforting about it though. Having someone potter about while my focus is on something. Having this support and presence around. Luckily he said he never ever gets bored. Lets hope he's not just saying that to save me from worrying! I imagine there's plenty going on upstairs even as he sits with his coffee watching MTV while I'm sewing or whatever. He's like that. Still waters run deep eh.
I'm meant to be handing in the Human Condition project after half term which is next week. A whole week off college to concentrate on it would be a marvelous thing right? Well, unlike the other peeps on the course, I also have three twiglets to sort out all week. Let's put it this way... when i'm painting, they like to 'help'. Oh yes. Finger painting is less prevelent in Fine Art than you'd think!

Anyway.. how the hell are you all? It's been ages.

Tuesday, February 6

Kibble for sale.

An ink and dye drawing in my sketchbook.
I've got a few things done today. There are some more images added to Flickr if you're interested, but most are still midway. I like to keep a record though just in case I mess it up later!
Here's something to have a giggle at though.
Took a quick pic of my handmade and designed T Shirt for the presentation board. Funny!

I read about archaeologists in Italy that discovered a couple buried 5,000 to 6,000 years ago, hugging each other. The Eternal Embrace they are calling it. I'm emotionally confused! Even though to be locked together forever like that is beautiful, it also seems intensly sad to me.


My eye floater is still there. It's changing slightly though. Yesterday it became bigger but thinner. Stretched. Today i'm tentatively hoping it's got smaller. Hard to tell through the sleepy haze that currently fogs up my vision anyway.
I'm feeling terribly introspective lately. Introspective with a hint of melancholia.
Which as you imagine probably isn't that good a combination.
Oh to be positive and introspective. Surely then one could conquer all internal struggles and move onto the world.
Well at least I'm an artist. I can use the angst!
Conquoring the world will have to be next month. (Eh SL?)

I am an artist.
I like that label.

My tutor called her son that quite matter of factly last night. This would be my English Lit tutor. And yes i did make it to another lesson! As I heard her speak about her children I couldn't help but to try the label on, like a new jacket. It felt odd to wear, unusual, bold, making a statement. I liked it.